University teaching

University of Exeter

MEd Special Educational Needs

Module: International Perspectives: inclusion, disability and diversity

Main tutor in the above postgraduate module.
Delivery of seven out of ten sessions.
Assessment, Marking.

Plymouth University

MA Early Childhood Studies

Module: Perspectives on Early Child Development

Session 1: Peer relationships and inclusion

Session 2: Students’ presentations, assessment and guidance

University of Cambridge

As part of my PhD studies, I have contributed to the MPhil Perspectives on Inclusive and Special Education, Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. I have taught two of the eight sessions within the full-time MPhil cohort.

Session 1: Getting along with peers in mainstream settings

Session 2: Understanding the development of social and academic inclusion

Education of Diaspora and Primary Education

Teacher at Plymouth Greek School

Teaching and learning of Greek language and culture.
Preparation of students for GCSE and A Level qualifications.
School presentations.
Funding applications.
Liaison with Education Head Office in London.

As part of my undergraduate degree, I conducted teaching in primary schools in Greece for four consecutive semesters. During my BA studies, I also taught for one semester at Rethymno’s 1st Special School.