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International Roma Day

8 April

The day was officially declared in 1990 in Serock, Poland, the site of the fourth World Romani Congress of theInternational Romani Union (IRU), in honour of the first major international meeting of Romani representatives, 7-12 of April 1971 in Chelsfield near London.


International Roma Day on April 8 is not just about celebrating Roma culture, it also highlights the persecution and discrimination that Roma people face in all areas of life. DW looks at the past and present struggles of the Sinti and Roma.


Watch the video: Traveller Girl (source:

Shannon, 10, Bernadette, 12, and Tommy, 14, are Traveller children. Their lifestyles often conflict with the normalities of school and the world of settled people.

Αθήνα – Athens 2013

Λίγες φωτογραφίες από την επίσκεψή μου στην Αθήνα, 27-29 Ιανουαρίου 2013. Here are some photos from my visit to Athens, Greece, 27-29 January 2013.

Happy Birthday – Χρόνια μας πολλά


Κεριά – Κ.Π. Καβάφης

Του μέλλοντος η μέρες στέκοντ’ εμπροστά μας
σα μια σειρά κεράκια αναμένα —
χρυσά, ζεστά, και ζωηρά κεράκια.Η περασμένες μέρες πίσω μένουν,
μια θλιβερή γραμμή κεριών σβυσμένων·
τα πιο κοντά βγάζουν καπνόν ακόμη,
κρύα κεριά, λυωμένα, και κυρτά.Δεν θέλω να τα βλέπω· με λυπεί η μορφή των,
και με λυπεί το πρώτο φως των να θυμούμαι.
Εμπρός κυττάζω τ’ αναμένα μου κεριά.Δεν θέλω να γυρίσω να μη διω και φρίξω
τι γρήγορα που η σκοτεινή γραμμή μακραίνει,

τι γρήγορα που τα σβυστά κεριά πληθαίνουν.


(Από τα Ποιήματα 1897-1933, Ίκαρος 1984)



large_christoforos.mamasHello and welcome to my site! Here you will find information about personal and academic aspects of my life so far. I received my BA in Education from the University of CreteFaculty of Education. As part of my BA studies, I participated in Erasmus programme which gave me the unique opportunity to study for one semester at Bath Spa UniversitySchool of Education. Then, I gained a Master’s in Special and Inclusive Education from the University of WorcesterInstitute of Education.

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In 2009, I completed my PhD in Education (Inclusive Education) at the University of CambridgeFaculty of Education. My PhD research concerned the social status of pupils identified as having special educational needs within mainstream primary education in Cyprus. A recent publication Pedagogy, social status and inclusion in Cypriot schools elaborates on the relationship between pedagogy, inclusion and social relationships within five mainstream primary schools in Cyprus.

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I am currently working as a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of California, San DiegoDepartment of Education Studies. My research mentor is Prof. Alan J. Daly who is also the chair of the department. Prior to the fellowship, I worked as teacher at Plymouth Greek School and as a lecturer in Early Childhood Studies and Education with Plymouth University, Plymouth Institute of Education.